A Mecate is the most functional tool a horseperson can have.  A natural, practical rein lead rope combination. Mecates are 1/2" or 5/8" and they are 22 foot long. Breaking colts, trail riding or just pleasure riding a Mecate is a must. Tied to a Bosal or with the use of Slobber Straps on a snaffel bit the Mecate can't be beat. No need to carry a halter or lead rope on the trail. You also have a lunge line or ground line all ready attached to your headstall.

My Mecates are made using Parachute cord or 100% Mohair and come complete with end knot and leather popper.  Harness leather Slobber Straps are also available.  Complete Bosal  and Slobber Strap instructions can be supplied if needed.
Thank you!